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Pakistan | International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS-2024) ... Upcoming Global Event.

Pakistan | International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS-2024) ... Upcoming Global Event.

Pakistan "Pure Land" is a functioning Islamic republic located in the western part of the Indian subcontinent On August 14, 1947, the founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah announced the establishment of…

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Qatar | Photos from the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference DIMDEX 2024 in its eighth edition.

Qatar | Photos from the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference DIMDEX 2024 in its eighth edition.

During the days of the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2024), and as part of its activities in its eighth edition, 200 international and local companies showcased…

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Qatar | DIMDEX 2024 concludes its eighth edition with resounding success.

Qatar | DIMDEX 2024 concludes its eighth edition with resounding success.

Doha, Qatar, 6 March 2024: The eighth edition of the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX 2024), held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani,…

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Qatar | Thales Eyeing Qatar’s Air Defence Needs.

Qatar | Thales Eyeing Qatar’s Air Defence Needs.

Thales is presenting a range of solutions at the ongoing DIMDEX targeted at the needs of the Qatar Armed Forces to develop a comprehensive air defence system that can protect…

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The Libyan army ranked fourth, 14th in the Arab world, and the 10th in the armies of African countries, and the 80th in the world. Libya got a score of 1.4718 in the Pwrindex strength index. The site states that information about Libya has been

updated and entered on 01/09/2023.

The American global fire power website, in its annual GFP review for this year 2023, ranks a total of 145 armies around the world, and determines the ranking of the countries of the world on the basis of the currently available firepower. And this depends on the size of the declared military force, which every country in the world can use in land, sea, or air war, using conventional weapons, and the GFP site uses more than 60 factors this year in its classification to determine the degree of strength index for countries, and each country is evaluated A country based on the official individual and collective values that are processed through the internal formula of the Global Fire Power site to obtain its "PwrIndx" score, and based on those values, the final classification is estimated.

This final ranking also allows smaller, more technologically advanced countries to compete with larger, less developed countries, thus providing an unbiased view of the traditional military strength of the countries included in the ranking.

The classification does not include the nuclear weapons possessed by a number of countries included in the list of the most powerful armies in the world, which means that the theoretical classification of armies’ strength may change when the armies of countries fight real wars among themselves or wars against terrorism, which explains the difference in the arrangement.

The criteria for the theoretical classification of armies’ strength include a set of factors, including the country’s geographical location, the size of the weapons it possesses, combat readiness, possession of military bases, and defensive installations and fortifications."

The site works with a distinctive mechanism that many may find surprising in terms of the arrangement adopted by the classification and the progress of countries that may appear to be less powerful than others and precede them in the ranking, and here it must be clarified that the experts of the “Global Fire Power” site rely on more than 60 factors to determine the degree of the strength index, which varies according to The capabilities of the states, which together constitute the strength of that state and its superiority in classification. These factors include comparisons of emerging powers, existing alliances, and classifications of regional blocs such as the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) and NATO member states. The number of manpower is suitable for active military service annually and active reserves. The paramilitary also has an important role in calculating the global strength index 

And included in the classification mainly military equipment and military equipment approved in the armies, such as the air force, including combat aircraft with its various interception and attack missions, transport aircraft, attack helicopters and designated for transportation, as well as weapons and equipment of the ground forces such as tanks, self-propelled armored fighting vehicles, mobile and towed artillery, and missile forces of all kinds according to their tasks. And also the strength of the naval fleet, including aircraft carriers, helicopter carriers, submarines, submarine destroyers, warships, landing ships, and coastal patrol boats.

There is also a basic item that is taken into account in the classification, which is related to financial matters, defense budgets, foreign debts of countries, their purchasing power (PPP), and their foreign exchange and gold reserves. 

The classification takes into account the geographical location, logistics, airports, ports and main stations, the commercial sea power, the railway network, the coastal and inland road network, waterways, the extent of their coverage and the possibility of effective use, as natural resources, oil production and consumption also an important role in the classification, with a focus on the proven oil reserves of the classified countries.

The ranking of the armies of the countries of the world based on the firepower currently available, according to the ranking of the GFP index:

1- the United States of America.

2- Russia

3- China

4- India

5- the United Kingdom

6- South Korea

7- Pakistan

8- Japan

9- France

10- Italy

11- Turkey

12- Brazil

13- Indonesia

14- Egypt

15- Ukraine

The classification of the most powerful Arab armies, according to the GFP index arrangement for the year 2023 AD, came as follows:

1- Egypt. globally 14

2- Saudi Arabia. globally 22

3- Algeria. globally 26

4- Iraq globally 54

5- UAE globally 56

6- Morocco globally 61

7- Syria - globally 64

8- Qatar - globally 65

9- Tunisia - globally 73

10- Yemen - globally 74

11- Sudan - globally 75

12- Oman - globally 76

13- Kuwait - globally 79

14- Libya - globally 80

15- Jordan - globally 81

The following is the final ranking according to the ranking of the GFP index for the armies of the African Union countries:

1- Egypt

2- Algeria

3- South Africa

4- Nigeria

5- Ethiopia

6- Angola

7- Morocco

8- Congo

9- Sudan

10- Libya


12- Kenya

13- Zambia

14- Chad

15- Zimbabwe

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